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We are on a journey to craft and curate a new world of work.

Our Approach

We’re a Talent Strategy Consultancy that works with Organisations and Individuals to Liberate Talent.

Our Services

We work in four domains: Organisational Advisory, Individual Advisory, Community Curatorship and Content Creation.

Consulting & Facilitation

We work with fast growing organisations that are eager to be remarkable by liberating talent and designing distinctive cultures and innovative work protocols.

Recruitment & Promotion

We work as recruitment partners, with organisations that are crafting new and futuristic roles. We help them craft, find and curate talent discovery strategies.


We work with individuals that aspire to discover and design future proof careers.

Learning & Development

We design and facilitate learning experiences that transform individuals and organisations.

The Epic Talent Society


Join us as we create an Epic Talent Society

Our Clients

Feel the magic, like they did

About EpiCrowd®️?

Aimed to help businesses and individuals flexibly prepare for new skills and new rules of engagement, the EpiCrowd is a community of life-long learners and pioneers who will fuel the flywheel.


EpiCrowd’s founding members will be invited to attend regular meetings to share their perspectives on the competencies and careers of the future. 

We’re building this community by nomination, so send us an e-mail if you’d like to nominate a futurist. 

Epic Corporate Services Presentation

Download our Corporate Presentation


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‘To see beyond known paths and prescriptive roles, and to bravely and collectively envision brighter futures for individuals, organizations, and society.’

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